ComicQ’s is a new web app that makes building your own online comics as easy as posting a blog or using twitter. Just upload a picture, drag and drop word bubbles, type in the text and your ready to share your masterpiece.

On the 13th UGame officially launched into private beta, making the social networking portal for gamers one step closer to reality. With UGame you’ll be able to use a MySpace and Facebook like interface to talk about video games, share high scores or even find people nearby you can get together with and play your favorite game. Wii sports anyone?

This week saw the release of the trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the first new Indiana Jones movie in over ten years. The trailer is in hidef and looks absolutely amazing, even at the lowest quality.

Two Fish just released a system for doing video game microtransactions. Right now small video games that are free to play are all the rage, and most of this have in game enhancements that can be bought for a few dollars. This system will make it easier for anyone to make a cellphone game or a Flash game to take advantage of this new market.

Terrible news from Yahoo- the giant cut over 1,000 employees from their innovative design vision. That means the current influx of cool new applications like Yahoo Buzz, Yahoo live is just a temporary rush, while they get all of these in development applications out of the door before they release their designers into the wild.

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