– C-SPAN, the cable television station dedicated to the goings on in government, is looking to liven up their rather stodgy image. The network is now using a variety of modern tools and services to cover both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, including YouTube, Twitter, and former Free Line favorite Qik. Third party blog posts from the likes of Arianna Huffington and will also be available on the C-SPAN site. The new C-SPAN Convention Hub site is up and running now.

The rivalry between MySpace and Facebook continues. While Facebook is the biggest social networking site in the world, MySpace has more users in America. Many within the industry believe that MySpace’s dominance in the American market is largely due to its ability to disseminate music. MySpace uses a homegrown method in order to bring music to the masses, while Facebook relies on iLike. ILike, in turn, relies on Rhapsody for its streaming content. By choosing to work in house instead of with another company, MySpace is able to give both musicians and fans alike more control over their music. Until this situation changes, some analysts say, MySpace will continue to be the number on social network in the United States.

Thanks to Iterasi, bookmarks everywhere are about to get a serious upgrade. Members of the Iterasi service are not only able to bookmark the physical location of a webpage, but the contents as well. You can then share your webpage snapshots with anyone you please.

In the world of writing, a good proofreader is a must. The same goes for web design. If your website launches with faulty or badly written code, it could spell short-term doom for your business. For those of who you don’t have an HTML proofreader on hand, there’s OnlineWebCheck. OnlineWebCheck scans your code for flaws, errors, and other problems.

Our friends at WebProNews have a great article up discussing the importance of having a good corporate narrative. For those unaware, a corporate narrative is the underlying back story and message that your company is based upon. Writer Jason Lee Miller suggests that your narrative should shy away from the “agenda” of your company and instead focus on the honest, true-to-life principles it was founded upon.

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