– Want to put a little pizazz in your Gmail? Globex Designs has released a free FireFox plugin that reskins Gmail and Gcal and makes them look snazzier. But of course, sometimes beauty only runs skin deep. Many users are reporting less than glamorous performance.

Next, Kevin Wilke and Matt Gill of Nitro Marketing are launching Nitro Quattro soon, so you can watch some cool free videos in the mean time.

Next, we’ve got a link to a list of some of the best illustration-based designs on the web today.

Next, we’ve talked about Firebug before. It’s the free web development tool extension for FireFox. But a lot of people haven’t tried this really powerful tool. If you want to make cool sites yourself, you should check out this powerhouse of a plugin. Firefox’s Firebug Extension even allows you to edit your CSS code in real time.

And finally, if you’ve ever wondered why your blog doesn’t get more traffic, despite the wit and wisdom of some of your best posts, Jonathan Morrow of Copyblogger has the answer. He explains that, no, content is not king and that making friends in the blogging community is the key to getting more readers.

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